About Us


GroundWire is the home to high-quality Kemper profiles featuring classic tones of rare and sought after amplifiers from around the globe. Our staff of engineers, producers and grammy award winning musicians use world-class studio equipment to capture and process what is sure to be considered a legendary collection of amp tones. The GroundWire philosophy focuses on quality over quantity, providing cultivated sonic palettes that reflect our lifetime of musical experience onstage and in the studio. So whether you’re selling out arenas or just jamming in your bedroom, GroundWire provides an unmatched experience of sonic excellence.

Names like, Neve, Burl and ATC are just a small part of what makes GroundWire standout in the world of Kemper profiles. A high-end studio populated with the best of vintage and modern technology helps us to provide our clients with unmatched sonic quality.

Join us for the GroundWire experience!


Jason Mozersky

Jason Mozersky is a Grammy Award-winning musician and producer who has worked in studios and shared the stage with luminaries including Ben Harper, Eddie Vedder, Jackson Browne, Natalie Maines and Ringo Star. Mozersky's interest in music began early, and at the age of seven, he began studying piano. Subsequently, he moved on to playing drums, and once he moved from his native San Antonio to Austin to attend college, guitars became his passion.

Following graduation, Mozersky recorded a record with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band Double Trouble, and soon after, he started his own project Wan Santo Condo.  He continued working with various artists in Austin until moving to Los Angeles in 2008 to play with Ben Harper. His work with Harper has resulted in six studio albums including the Grammy Award-winning 2013 Blues Album of the Year, "Get Up!”.  In addition, he co-wrote and played lead guitar on the critically acclaimed solo album “Mother", from Dixie Chick Natalie Maines. Mozersky continues to tour world-wide with Ben Harper and is a founding member of The GroundWire.


Kyle Crusham

Kyle Crusham is an engineer/producer who's creative world revolves around the innovation and chaotic relationship of sound and art. Originally trained as an audio engineer, he fell into  a successful career as a composer for TV and radio working with national ad agency and at the same time having his original music featured in films such as “Talladega Nights,” and “The Goods.” Looking for a change, Crusham turned his focus to record-making where he engineered projects for artist such as Ryan Bingham, Justin Timberlake and Charlie Sexton. He has appeared onstage with an eclectic array of artists from The Dixie Chicks to Wayne Kramer of The MC5 and is currently working with Edie Brickell and New Bohemians.