Here are some of the rare and cool pedals used in profiles.



The famous Klon overdrive is the quintessential boost pedal.  There are many imitators but we still prefer the original!




Univox Super-Fuzz

This is an all original Univox Super-Fuzz from that late 60's/early 70's.  A similar pedal was used by Pete Townshend for many years and legend has it was the fuzz pedal used for the Live at Leeds performance.  Just a great classic fuzz!




ColourSound OverDriver

This 1970 Overdriver was made famous by Jeff Beck and we all agree that this is best overdrive pedal ever produced.  100% stock inside and used by Jason on the road for many years.  Really special pedal!





Fuzz Face

A 100% original 1968 Fuzz Face with germanium transistors. No secret here!




Amp Overdriver

The Amp overdriver is a very rare pedal produced by the same people who started Coloursound in the 60's.  Very aggressive when the drive is turned up but can be very delicate and beautiful when used as a clean boost.




Vox Tone Bender

The famous Vox TONNE BENDER used by Jimmy Page and a host of other famous guitarists.  This example is 100% original and amazing!




VL Effects OD One Double Trouble

This is two Od-One pedals in one stacked.  It's an amazing and super versatile TS808 type distortion with VLs special ATK-TON circuit.  VL Effects incorporate very high quality components and each product is hand wired and built by the founder and owner, Vincent Loret in Paris, France.  We love this thing.