Metro 4X12 V1 IRs

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This is a full vintage remake with stripped grill cloth.  It's loaded with Celestion Alnico Creambacks so it sounds a bit different.  It works great with every amp we have run thru it.  This is the first mic config and placement we used while doing many Kemper profiles.  We have used this in a Fractal AxeFX III and Helix to come relly close to matching the Kemper profile.  We even use this with other Kemper profiles and liked the results.

We used 3 mics and a DECCA tree in the room.  The IRs are provided at multiple sample rates as well as Fractal format and are 500ms.  Most modern IR loaders will downsample and truncate for you.  If you have issues let us know.

  • Wunder CM67S > Vintage Neve 1073 > Burl AD
  • Royer R121 > Vintage Neve 1073 > Burl AD
  • Shure SM57 > Wunder PEQR > Burl AD
  • DECCA = 3 Wunder CM50S FETs > Shadow Hills Quad (IRON) Matched > BURL AD


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